Repeat Prescriptions

Order your repeat prescription

To be on the safe side, always try to order repeat prescriptions when you still have seven days’ supply at home.

Do not include additional non-repeat items on your repeat prescription request form. For any such additional items an appointment with your doctor may be required.  Please do not allow your medication to run out and then expect a repeat prescription to be issued on the same day. Only in absolute emergencies would such requests be granted.

As indicated above, please always order your standard repeat prescriptions when you still have at least seven days’ supply at home. 

Prescriptions for medication that needs to be reviewed or re-authorised require up to four days to be issued

Requests for medication that is not on the repeat item list will be dealt with at the GP’s discretion.

Requests for repeat prescriptions must be made in writing or by fax to 947 9192 or via the online service above. In order to avoid mistakes and ensure your safety we do not accept requests for repeat prescriptions over the phone.

Repeat prescriptions will be returned by post if the original request is accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Requests should be left in the box opposite the reception desk. Wherever possible please always use the tear-off portion of the prescription, designed specifically for requesting repeat prescriptions. Indicate clearly the particular repeat item(s) required.

If the tear-off portion has been mislaid, then please write your request clearly, including name, address, date of birth and full details of the item(s) required.

If you are requested to see a doctor for a review of your medication please ensure it is with the doctor who normally prescribes for you. When making an appointment for such a review of your medication please book this well in advance since such appointments are not considered as urgent.