Additional Staff

Community Midwives

The midwives are based at Burnage Children’s Centre, Broadhill Road and provide clinics on Tuesdays and Fridays. Appointments in advance for these clinics can be booked at Burnage on 219 2932. If you wish to speak to a midwife outside these clinics, please phone 291 2942 during office hours or 291 2691 out of office hours.

Community Nurses

District nurses look after those patients who need nursing care at home due to their disability or illness. They form an essential part of our Primary Health Care Team, working in conjunction with our doctors, other health care professionals and Social Services. They are based at Withington Community Hospital where they can be contacted on 217 4124.

Health Visitors

Our health visitors monitor infant development, assessments, care of the under fives and their families, as well as promoting health education for all ages. They are also based at Burnage Health Centre where they can be contacted on 443 0610.